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shutterstock_159673160Scanning a full collection of slides/negatives and photos can be expensive. It is something you want to do once and get the very best results first, and only time!

I encourage you to use my free trial service and see the results for free before you commit to getting the best results for your entire collection.


The free trial service can be used on any of the formats below

35mm Slide 110 Format 126 Format 35mm Negative Photo
format_35mm format_110 format_126 format_35mmFilm format_photos

*126 format slides will have a minimum amount of cropping at the top and bottom due to its vertical height being more than that of standard 35mm film


  • Please send up to 5 slides, negatives or photos
  • Include with the items enough postage to cover return postage, ideally on an envelope with your return address for your items.
  • Please include an EMAIL ADDRESS with your order as scans will be supplied over the internet.
  • Package your items carefully and send to :

Free Trial Offer
Paul Spencer
2 John Yeoman Close
Little Neston
CH64 4BF

  • Trial scans are normally processed within 24 hours of delivery
  • Your items will be posted back with the return postage sent with the order


  • Scans are saved in JPG format – TIFFs are available by request
  • Resulting scans are supplied via Pixieset over the internet