About Us

DSC_5847bMy name is Paul Spencer and I have been running PDScanning since 2008.

Having worked as a digital artist in the games industry on AAA titles I have over 15 years experience working with digital images.

I have spent 1000s of hours scanning and manipulating digital images, and am confident I deliver a quality end product. I offer a free trial service so you can see the results for yourself before committing your whole collection to my services.

There are no hidden upgrades or extras to pay for. The low price is the best price I can offer for the best quality scans I can produce.


All 35mm media is scanned using Nikon’s Super Coolscan 5000ED scanner – it offers true optical 4000dpi, Digital ICE 4 technology, ‘exclusive Scanner Nikkor ED high-performance lens elements for reduced color aberration and minimized image distortion’ and produces truly stunning scans – please see the gallery for full resolution example scans.


Each image is individually checked and edited to remove excessive damage spots and correct any colour and contrast issues that can develop from decades of storage. Over exposed photos will be toned down – underexposed images are brightened up. Digital ICE is used to remove dust and scratches from the source material. All other corrections are all done by hand.

Be wary of services offering auto correction and auto cropping options. While these options can work some of the time, they simply do not produce the best results and the auto cropping feature can crop off valuable area of image you would not like to see cropped!