35mm Negative Scanning Service

35mm Film Scanning Service

Professional film scanning service at affordable prices.

All film strips are scanned on a PLUSTEK OpticFilm 120 scanner at a true optical 5300dpi.

Images are then post processed by hand to balance colour and contrast, remove colour cast and touch up minor blemishes.

This is a bespoke scanning service that ensures you get the best possible results from your slides.

Service Details

  • An air blower is used to remove loose dust
  • Negatives are scanned at 5300dpi on a PLUSTEK OpticFilm 120 scanner
  • Full Digital ICE as standard
  • 2 x Sampling
  • NO AUTO corrections
  • Images are post processed by hand to give the best results.
  • Images are cropped and rotated so are ready to view
  • colour casts are removed
  • contrast and colour are  balanced
  • touch up work is done to repair minor blemishes
  • Images are saved as highest quality JPGs

Accepted Formats

All 35mm processed film can be scanned. They must be cut into strips of 6 images or less.

Delivery Options

On DVD – Your scans come as high quality ‘jpg’ files on DVD.

On USB – You can also have them returned on USB stick.

Free Download – You can also download your images as soon as they are ready at 3 different size. (Full Size, High res, Web size)



Q1. What is the highest resolution you can scan at?

All 35mm Film is scanned at 5300dpi

Q2. What are the estimated file sizes of images?

File sizes very between around 12mb – 26mb depending on the image on the negative.

Post processed images are around 7100 x 4900 pixels. 34MP.

Q3. Do I need to count my film?

No – an estimated number helps me with organising my work, but there is no need for an exact count.

Q4. I have a very small number of images i want scanned, can you still scan them?

Yes – Subject to a minimum order charge of £25 no order is too small.

Q5. Can you put my slides into separate folders?

Yes – Each if you negatives come in separate envelopes these are normally scanned into its own folder.

Q6. Can you scan my images in order?

Yes – As long as the order is obvious, items can be scanned in order.

Q7. Can you scan medium format?

 No – currently i cannot process medium format material

Q8. Can you supply TIFF images?

Yes – TIFFs can be supplied on USB only and cost an extra 10p per image + the cost of the USB stick

Q9. Do you colour correct and remove blemishes?

Yes – All images are manually post processed to provide you with the best results.

Q10. Do you crop and rotate images?

Yes – All images are supplied cropped and rotated and ready to view.

Q11. Can you supply my slide scans on a USB stick?

Yes – Images can be supplied on USB, please select this option when ordering.

Q12. Can you put my scans onto a USB stick I send you?

No – I am unable to use USB sticks you send in due to security issues.

Q13. What is the best way to send my items to you?

Leave your film in whatever boxes / folders / envelopes they are currently stored in. Hard boxes work best for postage, however negatives also travel well in padded envelopes.

If the weight of the package is below 2kg, Royal mail recorded delivery works well.
If the weight is above 2kg it is often cheaper to courier the items – I use UPS via the INTERPARCEL website

If you are local or worried about using a postal service you are welcome to hand deliver items day, evening or weekend.

Q14. What are the prices for scanning my negatives?

Current prices are displayed on the prices page

Q15. Can you give me a quote?

Yes – Please use my online quote form

Q16. How do I pay?

There is nothing to pay up front. On completion of the work an invoice is generated and you can pay via –

Cheque – made payable to H Spencer
Bank Transfer
PayPal Invoice

Q17. Why are your prices so low compared to your competition?

  • Overheads are low. You are basically paying me for my time.
  • I run 4 x Nikon 5000-ED scanners and a Kodak PS-80 and a PLUSTEK OpticFilm 120 all in parallel.
  • The Kodak PS-80 is really really fast.
  • I have been using Photoshop for over a decade, keyboard shortcuts, combined with predefined action groups means that manual post processing is a streamlined process.

See What Previous Customers Are Saying...

Fast and efficient service at a great price

Received disc and original slides today as promised. They look really great and because they are hi res can be blown-up considerably. What a brilliant way to view and download the files in Dropbox beforehand, enabling me to use them prior to discs arrival. Thanks for the speedy turnaround with emailed progress reports. Will definitely use you again for all my future scanning requirements.


Highly Recommended

Fast and efficient, can’t praise enough.


Just to let you know

Just to let you know the photos arrived today, and that I’m very pleased with the results! Especially the slides – I was thinking that they perhaps wouldn’t scan very well being quite old, but they are excellent!


Fantastic results

PDScanning converted approximately 100 x 35mm slides into digital images for me. The slides were over 20 years old and I was not expecting great results. However, I received a link for the downloadable images incredibly quickly and the quality of the photographs is absolutely outstanding. Made up! Thanks

Wayne Locke, Cardiff

These initial scans are fantastic!

These initial scans are fantastic! I am delighted. Thanks very much for the super-fast service! I’m amazed you have scanned so many slides so quickly! I have paid your invoice. These photos really do contain some amazing family memories/moments and making them all available online is going to give them a new lease of life for many of our family and friends who will not have seen them since they were taken, many over 30 years ago. Great job, thanks!


Quality 35mm Scanning Service

Very quick and exactly what was needed. To get good scans you need the right equipment and to get a lot done without spending a lot on equipment and taking too much of your own time, you need the right person with the right equipment. Paul at PDScanning is that combination – very pleased and highly recommended.


Fantastic quality, price & service

Paul scanned 100+ of my ’80’s slides. Exceptional quality, customer service and attention to detail. Thanks again for a fantastic service will highly recommend!

Brian Coates


Another satisfied customer

Paul was very helpful, and offered a speedy, competitively-priced and high quality service. I’m very pleased with the results.

Peter H

Very impressed with the results.

Very impressed with the results. Seeing the pics of my wife in Greece in1970, drew the comment from my son that he never knew I ran away with a 15 year old! 21 actually. Lots of laughs and embarrassment ahead. I am already digging through negatives now, but that will take some time. Thanks for the quality and the service.


Thank you Paul for completing

Thank you Paul for completing my order so quickly. I am really pleased with the results especially because there are so many important memories in my photographs.


Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for your excellent service, the slides and CD have arrived safely and I am just downloading the slides. I am so pleased with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.


Thanks Paul. Scans are great.

Thanks Paul. Scans are great. Having great fun dropping them on peoples Facebook page!


I’ve viewed the photos and

I’ve viewed the photos and we are very impressed with the quality and the speed of your service. We would definitely use your service again and would recommend it to others.. We weren’t sure what you’d get as some were very old!


Great Service

Selected PDS from a Google Search to scan some old family 35 mm slides , absolutely delighted with speed of service , quality of scans and level of communication.

I will use this service again.

John Collins

Fantastic results. Really enjoy being

Fantastic results. Really enjoy being able to watch old family slides on the tv! Amazing quality , great service. Thank you so much.


Memories captured

Superb service. Paul organised my bags of slides into folders, got the orientation right and the end result was great. Pricing was very reasonable and communication great. Would recommend anytime.

Oliver W

The box was safely delivered

The box was safely delivered yesterday. I’ve looked through all 559 digital images and I’m very pleased. They are perfect (within the limitations of the original slides’ quality).

Thank you so much for your efficient service.


Dear Paul Fabulous job thanks.

Dear Paul

Fabulous job thanks.

Really brought them to life!

Most grateful


Thanks for the scans ….

Thanks for the scans …. They look good.


If you care for your photos this is the place to send them….extraordinary attention to detail obtaining outstanding results.

I strongly recommend Paul to anyone that needs special care and attention for their photos. I had piles of photos many over 100 years old. They were fading, in fact, some were nearly blank but somehow Paul was able to bring back the images . If you dont believe just how good his work is, ask for an example of a before and after shot of the scanning. It’s miraculous and the care of the photos was exemplary, photos were removed from old albums, to scan and then returned to be meticulously placed as though nothing had happened. The photos were returned, in very well protected and padded boxes with full tracking.

Andrew Robshaw

Just wanted to say a

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the work you have done, I can’t believe how quickly you did it and the quality is great. The photos are mostly of me and my brothers and sister when we were all very young. I’m not sure if I have ever seen some of them before but some of them jogged a few memories!!


Superb quality and service

You gave exceptional service as I rung on Monday to say I was making a photobook for my daughter’s birthday and had left the copying of the slides until the last moment! I sent them that afternoon by recorded delivery and, you let me know they had arrived on Tuesday and on Wednesday sent me the link to all the images duly processed.
My originals were returned by recorded delivery on Friday together with a DVD.

Colin Swait

Memories from 1959

I was so excited to get the email from Paul telling me that my slides had all been scanned. Such a quick turn around. I was even more excited to see the final results – the clarity is amazing. I can highly recommend this service and will be sending more slides for Paul to work his magic on.


These look fantastic, thank you

These look fantastic, thank you so much. Our family will be so thrilled when I show them – so wonderful that these memories can be preserved like this!


Professional, fast service

Paul at PDScanning transferred a large number of family slides to digital files for us. We were very happy with the speedy, professional service and the disc provided with all the slides on. We would recommend him for all your digitizing needs!


All successfully in my dropbox

All successfully in my dropbox and very nice scans too. Thanks you very much: very satisfied customer.


Keep meaning to email you

Keep meaning to email you and say how pleased I have been with all the slides you have scanned. They contain so many memories that were locked away in boxes. Excellent service which I am recommending to everyone. A couple more loads will come your way from me.
Thanks once again.


Very good service

Very timely turn-round and excellent communication. Scans are of good quality and very good value. Happy to recommend this service.

J Rippon

Excellent Service

Great service to scan some old 35mm slides of some product design sketches I did many, many years ago. The turnaround was very quick and the very high res final scans came back as a download from a secure site – and my slides returned next day along with a DVD Disk. Very good value for money and the end result is superb. Thank you, Paul.

Michael Taylor - Equinox Partners


From the start to the finish a fully professional service from Paul. All delivered as promised, on time, in price and excellent quality. Highly recommended. *****

James - Isle of Man

Great service!

Paul offers a great service. Scans are of very high quality. The turn-around time is quick. He’s efficient and communicates really well. Highly recommended!


A quick and professional service

I am delighted with the results and would not hesitate to use again.


I’ve had a look and

I’ve had a look and really happy with the results.

Many thanks once again, for your excellent service and taking such care with labelling boxes and everything else – exactly what I was looking for with these precious family slides and memories



We thought our slides of misspent youth in the 70s would never see the light of day. Over a hundred great memories brought back to life. Affordable, fast, efficient and brilliantly cleaned up. When I find the rest we’ll send them to you, Paul without hesitation! Thank you very much.

Sue and Trefor

Just a short note to

Just a short note to say that I received the package of slides and Dvd today. I have downloaded the digitised slides, they are very good.

Many thanks for your excellent service


Many thanks, all files safely

Many thanks, all files safely downloaded. I have compared the original and processed scans and I think you’ve done a splendid job – saved me a lot of time in Photoshop. Thanks for doing the scans so quickly,


Very many thanks for the

Very many thanks for the scanning. We are thoroughly enjoying revisiting our son’s early years. We shall now be able to share the images with the rest of the family. My wife says worth every penny!

Once again, very many thanks.”


Fantastic service

My slides were found in a variety of shoeboxes in the loft, covered in dirt and dust. I didn’t expect much from them, but I’m delighted. There are photos here we’ve never seen before, and the iconic family photos are now back in circulation after decades of neglect. Accurate colours, excellent judgment calls on some really old and damaged slides, contrast all as it should be, perfectly cropped, and every slide accounted for – couldn’t have asked for more. Even my great-grandmother is now preserved for my kids! The service was brilliant, and faster than a speeding bullet. Will definitely be recommending you – thanks so much.


Hi Paul, just wanted to

Hi Paul, just wanted to say many thanks for the scans, I received them all back yesterday complete with disc-label, nice touch! Many thanks


Outstanding service

I was researching the cost of transferring my 35mm slides to digital and found Paul’s website. I was taken by the chaps track record and his costings. I collected my slides and the DVD today and they’re exactly what I was hoping for; high quality reproductions. I thought they looked good in the Dropbox preview that Paul lets you link to, but the copies on the DVD are even better.

In summary, great service at an excellent price. What’s not to like? Highly recommended.

Mike Tasker

Great Service

35mm slide scans: Thank you for the very prompt turnaround, Paul.
Certainly managed to revive some very old memories!

Michael Taylor

All arrived safely today

All arrived safely today

Haven’t gone through all the slides yet but the ones I have gone through look brilliant.

Many thanks for such great service and great results.



I sent some very precious, old family slides to Paul, I found his site from a google search. Initially I emailed to ask if it was a job he could do and got a very pleasant helpful response. I sent the slides on Thursday and on Friday when i came home from work there was email with jpg photos attached, wonderful memories and a great service.

Gillian Marshall

Just quick note to say

Just quick note to say how completely thrilled I am with the photos, thank you so much, it’s such a joy to have discovered these old family photos and be able to look at them, print them out etc.


Images received on Dropbox. Thanks

Images received on Dropbox. Thanks for very speedy service. Images look very good!


I have been through all

I have been through all the photos on the memory stick, tweaking them where necessary and adding descriptions. It was a long job, (nearly 2 months!) but much less than if I had scanned them in myself 4 at a time, and not such good quality. So thanks you for a good job.


Ancient history

Good, professional prompt service. Scanning quality was excellent. I shall return!

Tom jestico

DVD and slides arrived today,

DVD and slides arrived today, thanks very much.

Thanks for a fantastic service and high-quality product. The slides have been reproduced to a very high standard and the DVD is beautifully presented. There were a few businesses to choose from but we’re glad we picked PD Scanning. Excellent.


Just to thank you for

Just to thank you for doing an excellent job on the slides yesterday; and for a prompt, efficient, pleasant and professional service.


Excellent work, well pleased. Will

Excellent work, well pleased. Will put together another 100


Excellent Value Quick Service

I wanted nearly 200 35mm slides digitised and they were done very well in just a couple of days. I wish I had used this service before and am now looking through my remaining slides to see how many more to be done using this excellent value service — it is not worth your while trying to do them yourself!!.


Fast Service & Quality Results

Paul did a great job of scanning 400 of my dad’s old slides and I was really pleased with the fast service and the high quality of the digital images from the dedicated Nikon slide scanner, which were much better quality than I could ever achieve with my Epson A4 slide scanner. If you have any old 35mm slides that need scanning, don’t mess about trying to do them yourself as you’re wasting your time… Just get them professionally scanned. They’re all on my mum’s iPad now and she’s loving going through them with friends reliving old times!

Martin Dodd

CD and original slides received

CD and original slides received safely. Very pleased with your service – courteous, efficient and friendly. I like the extra touch of printing my drawing on the CD!


I just wanted to say

I just wanted to say Thank you for doing the slides at such short notice and so quickly for us. They have come up a lot better than we were expecting considering they are 55 years old so we are made up thanks. I know my mother and father in law will be over the moon when they see them. Huge thanks again


Great service, very quick!

Great polite professional service, could not have asked for better. All photos (150+) were available within 48Hrs for download – all satisfactory. Highly recommended!!

Steve Jarman

Wonderful to have old family

Wonderful to have old family slides on cd. Amazing results and quality. Many thanks for bringing all our memories back to life not only for us but also for our children. Would highly recommend anyone to use this company.


Thank you for an excellent

Thank you for an excellent service and the slides are really clear.
I am pleased I decided to have them saved rather than discarded.
I would certainly recommend your company to anyone wanting slides reproduced.


Hi PaulI just wanted to

Hi Paul

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the results of the slides you scanned for me recently. I’ve no idea how you managed to scan so many in such a short space of time – amazing! The quality of the scans is so good that you’d have thought the images were taken yesterday rather than 50 years ago, so I’ve been able to create a high quality photobook of family memories for mother’s 80th birthday next weekend.

Many thanks again, and also for the speedy return of the originals. If I need any more scanned I’ll certainly be in touch and will not hesitate to recommend your excellent service to friends/family if they need a similar exercise undertaking.

Thanks again and best regards.


THANK YOU ! I’m made


I’m made up with having these pictures more viewable ( the aeroplanes were a sentimental trip for husband!)

Thank you for such great service – Really prompt – good quality reproduction and so safely packaged for the return journey. What was an unexpected bonus was having the option to see them via pixieset included as well.


Fantastic job and great value

I’ve been meaning to get our family collection of about 5000 colour slides from the 1950s onwards scanned for sometime. It’s always seemed like an insurmountable task and then I had the worry of what if something went wrong or if they got lost or damaged.

I contacted Paul, who came back with a really reasonable quote very promptly and from the outset built my trust that he’d do a great job.

When I got my act together and shipped the slides to Paul, he confirmed when he’d received them, treated them with great care and started to scan the huge number I’d sent. As he progressed through the job, he sent me batches of files via Dropbox, so that each evening after work I could download them and see what new memories had been unlocked.

I think the biggest thing that’s prevented me from doing this before is simply not know who to trust. I can tell you I wish I’d found Paul before and done this years ago.

I absolutely recommend Paul at P D Scanning / Silver Dog Studios, he did a fantastic job, for a great price and the quality of the files is excellent too. Now to start thinking about the old family albums!

Matt T

Stunning scans!

Having procrastinated for years about getting some 80 year old b&w negatives scanned, and after sereral failed attempts, I found PDScanning, a simply superb service. Old negatives, large format negatives, 35mm transparencies and even larger sized trannies, Paul handles them all with the same care and attention to detail. And it’s not just the scanning, the delivery service and return of original materials is exemplary. I’m slowly getting all my old material scanned, and whether he likes it or not PDScanning will be doing it all. Truly a 5***** service.

Nick Rose

I’ve been through a lot

I’ve been through a lot of the slides now and am really impressed with the quality of the scanned images. They are far better than I had expected.

Thanks so much for doing the scanning for us, we are really pleased with the results. My family are really looking forward to seeing the pictures. Lots of work for me now to set up slide shows!


35mm Slides

Thank you for the quality scans I am very please.



A really fast and professional service, thank you Paul. I was delighted that these old slides from the 60s scanned so well and I will put them in a photobook so we can enjoy them. The days of getting the old noisy projector out are long gone and I hadn’t seen these family pics for decades.


Just a quick Thank You

Just a quick Thank You note for the excellent job you did scanning all my 35mm slides and negatives. I have now had a good look through all the images and I am extremely pleased with the results.


Wow! Those are amazing.

Wow! Those are amazing. Such good quality. There are so many memories there. My grandfather was an avid photographer, and 35mm slides were his favourite. These have been hidden away in a shoebox for decades. Thank you so much!


Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. I’m very impressed with the quality of the pictures and the service overall


Thank you for the excellent

Thank you for the excellent service you provided in copying my slides on to CD. The results are excellent and the originals have arrived back safely.


Very many thanks for your

Very many thanks for your speedy work.

I have just had a look at the file and the results are great; I will be suggesting you to anyone who asks


Thanks so much for those

Thanks so much for those excellent scans of the pictures of our boys from way back. They arrived late yesterday and we’ve been in an excited huddle studying them ever since. We’re really pleased with the results and I’m most grateful for your super service.


Slides and old colour negatives up to 60 years old

I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the digital images received, the efficiency of the service, and the value for money.

Absolutely 5* service in all respects.

I had 33 slides and 15 colour negatives, all for a bargain of 25 pounds. The results as far as I can tell bring out the full resolution of the originals, so having a digital image of these is actually much better than the original!

Highest recommendation.


Just to let you know

Just to let you know that my slides arrived safely yesterday. I had a quick look at the DVD last night and it is very pleasing, my dad will be very happy.


They are back and I

They are back and I am very pleased with them. I will be sending you some more in due course. Many thanks for a good service


Slide Scans

Very impressed with Paul’s service.

I tracked my dispatched packaged via Royal Mail and within under 2 hours of receipt by Paul the scans were available for download via Drop box,. Paul also emailed immediately to say the scan images were ready.

Thanks very much indeed.

Nigel from Woking, Surrey

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for the scans of my slides. I am delighted with them – a lot of happy memories, and some good laughs!! Your service was excellent.


High quality service and high quality images

Helpful, quick and very good quality service converting slides to digital images. The download was easy and didn’t need teh USB stick. Excellent quality images – I’ve just send a second batch I was so pleased. Very many thanks.

Brian Magowan

I have just finished reviewing

I have just finished reviewing the photos you have scanned and am absolutely thrilled with your work!
Most of them I have not seen ever!

Just a shame that dad passed away a few years ago and is not around to identify certain people….
That said I am familiar with most of the places.

Great job done!
Thanks so much for your time & effort.


Outstanding Service

Paul Scanned the first batch of my Antarctic Slides with amazing results. Super fast, quality service & excellent communication. I will definatley use Paul again & would highly recommend his service.

Tim Elvin

Hello PaulSlides and USB received

Hello Paul
Slides and USB received today.
I’m so pleased with the results, thanks again.
All aspects of your service have been top class.


I’m sorry its taken me

I’m sorry its taken me so long to write this but I did want to let you know we thought the pictures were fantastic! We had a great evening viewing them on the big screen thinking back to that time and those incredible memories and being able to share them with friends and family who had never seen them before.

My husband was taken completely by surprise and absolutely loved it. Thank you for doing such a great job, helping me to keep it a secret, and making it all possible. I will recommend you if I come across anyone wanting similar work done.


I have safely received my

I have safely received my order and the results are great. We are very pleased with the excellent quality so I just wanted to say thank you very much indeed.


How do I proceed...



Select the film you want scanning and use the link below to fill in your details and place an order.



Package your items securely and send to the address in the footer via a recorded delivery service / courier



You will be notified when your items arrive. Your film is scanned and ready for download as soon as they are post processed.



Images are saved to DVD / USB and sent back along with your film.