I rented a sling to

I rented a sling to take my baby to a rugby game, he loved it!! The sling library is a fantastic idea and is really useful. The ladies who run it are extremly helpful. I can highly recommend it. Hereโ€™s a picture of my son, he has the best seat in the house!!!

Nicola White

I had heard about the

I had heard about the sling library before my baby arrived. The range of slings available was overwhelming so the ability to talk to Hazel and have her explain the options was brilliant. I was able to practice with a heavy doll before trying one with my baby- that gave me confidence to use a sling.
The knowledge and expertise is excellent and the range of styles and ease of hire is brilliant.
I would definitely recommend everyone pops in!

Liz Reynolds

Absolutely brilliant. The advisors helped

Absolutely brilliant. The advisors helped me chose a sling from a huge variety and demonstrated how to adjust and use the sling which was fantastic. I felt completely relaxed and welcomed when entering the room. My baby was drifting off to sleep when it was my turn to be seen so i practiced on a dummy doll the weight of my baby which was very helpful.


Great Service

I have used the library since August when my daughter was 4 weeks old and over that time we have borrowed 3 as our needs changed. Every time the team have taken the time to make sure that we were completely happy with how the sling worked before we walked out of the door and were always just an email away for help and advice.
I can’t recommend them enough

Katy Tebay

Hidden Treasure

Thankyou to Hazel , absolutely fantastic ! Hazel extremely clued up very helpful and patient whilst trying on ! Excellent service . I heard via another mother at a Baby First Aid about the community centre and slings, so glad that I did as brilliant idea to try before you buy, have an understanding of the health and safety aspect for my daughter . Very reasonable price wise! Thank you Hazel once again

Emma Louise

First time user

Really pleased with the service, they listened to my needs and advised appropriately. Came away with a sling that I’ve used more in three days than my previous carrier that I’ve had for two years. They’ve converted me from pram use every day. Thank you! Would recommend.

Jill Hughes

Super sling support

Very helpful and friendly support at the sling library. I had no previous experience of baby wearing but the staff were very friendly, supportive and knowledgable putting me at ease and giving me confidence. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Angela walker

A great place to learn and meet

I visited Sale Sling Library with baby no.2 as I realised that babywearing would allow me to hold baby close and run around after toddler no.1. The girls were so helpful with their advice and showing me a range of things to suit. A coffee and a chat along with trying slings became a weekly event. I subsequently now have moved on from my stretchy to a Tula (still considering a Lenny Lamb ssc too!) Thank you Sale Sling Library!

Carol Severn

Thank you !

I joined the library soon after getting my first son home from hospital, he was really prem, and I was excited to get carrying him, I was given brilliant advice, giving me the confidence to get carrying. After progressing from the stretchy wrap, each week I would try and different type of wrap until I found the right one for our family ๐Ÿ™‚ I now own a stretchy wrap, Lenny lamb buckles and ring sling. Different slings for different things ! Second baby boy is now here, and I love not having to use (or own) a double buggy despite having 2 under 2 (neither can walk) ! One in the pram and one in the sling and we are off out ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


Try before you buy!!!

IMG_5415So far I think we’ve had 5 or 6 slings on trial from the library. Always lovely to go. Nice to meet the baby wearing cognoscenti. Only a shame not to see more Dads there. But I’m working on that. See you tomorrow!

Gervase Mangwana

A lovely personal service

I came to the library looking for a guidance on a sling to use with my baby boy who is big for his age, a warm baby and who at the time was suffering from eczema. Debz showed me different types, including the Pognae with its cooling mesh panel. I decided on that one and hired it. However, the week went badly and my boy, suffering from eczema did not take to being carried in the sling. This is where the library staff really helped, with excellent support and guidance via messages. Thanks to this support, I persevered and eventually bought a Pognae with a great discount using the library codes. I now love baby wearing and am encouraging as many people as I can to do the same. Thank you for your help.


A true lifeline

I found the sling library during a difficult few weeks when my lg was a few months old and crying all day and night. The new altrincham venue is lovely and relaxed and I immediately felt at ease there. We have always been given plenty of time to make a choice and try it out before hiring, even on busy days. We have since hired 4 different slings and I honestly feel that baby wearing has saved my sanity! I feel confident that I am using the sling correctly and safely and having advice on hand through the FB page has been really useful one you get the sling home! Lo is now 9 months old and loves to be carried in a woven wrap which I would never have been brave enough to try had it not been for the help and advice from the library. All of the ladies at the library have been so supportive. Thank you!


Great service.

I’d heard about baby wearing & Sale sling library through one of the peer supporters Debz. I’d had a prem baby who was only 4lb 11oz on discharge from hospital so thought she’d be too small for any carriers. So I called in to the library & Hazel introduced me to a stretchy wrap, which I purchased within a week of trying! Once baby was bigger went back to library to try a mei tai & once again was given expert advice & again within a week I’d purchased my own! All the team are very friendly, welcoming & full of knowledge. I would recommend to any one who is considering baby wearing!

Claire Welsh