I came to a back wrapping workshop before Christmas. I just wanted you to know how much my little one loves being on my back. My husband particularly commented on it this evening. When she’s niggly and just wants to be held I pop her up and she stops nagging immediately; I can get on with my day. She has occasionally slept there too. Tonight she was grinning, swinging her legs and playing with my hair and just so happy. I don’t know how I’d cope without slings. I’m not good enough at the back wrap to wear it out yet but in time… just thought it would be nice to let you know about one happy baby. X

Fantastic ladies helped us pick our hand organic wrap when we had no idea where to look and what to get. We borrowed it for two weeks then purchased our own. Thank you xx

First visit this morning after hearing about the group through some mums at one of the baby groups we go to. Wow fab service, finally found out how to get my ergobaby on without help which is amazing as I can finally walk my dog on my own with baby! The girls were so lovely and helpful. Will be heading back once we are ready for back carrying! Thanks X

So so so helpful & very informative! I have tried a few slings & found that being able to hire each one was such a great way of deciding which one has suited me & my little girl – even now she is 2 yrs old it is still such a comfortable & convienient way of getting around!

Really helpful, flexible, good value and really easy to manage regular hiring