Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Booking, Cancellation and Rescheduling
a. All appointments (sling library, in-person and online consultations) must be booked in advance and paid for in full at the time of booking.
b. Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance without penalty.
c. If you no longer require your appointment, you may cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, minus a £2 admin charge.
d. If you are unable to attend at short notice (i.e. less than 24 hours in advance) you are not eligible for a refund but you are able to rearrange your appointment or switch from in-person to online and vice versa. Your rearranged appointment should be within 3 months of the original appointment.
e. If you are late for your in-person sling library appointment it may be necessary to reschedule. We will endeavour to fit you in however please be aware that if the session is full you may need to return another day or switch to an online appointment.
f. No shows without prior communication will forfeit any right to refund or reschedule.
g. Acceptable methods of contact are phone call, text message, email or Facebook message (other kinds of messages and social media comments may be missed so please do not use these if your message is important).

2. Safe Use of Slings
a. Your child’s safety is your responsibility. Chester Sling Library cannot be held responsible for any accident that results in injury or death whilst the sling is in your care.
b.We suggest that you practice using the sling with a doll or pillow so that you can get used to the adjusting methods.
c. If you feel any pain while carrying your child, change the carrying position or remove the sling.
d. It is the borrower’s responsibility to check over the sling and accessories before every use. Check all buckles, hems and seams ensuring that there are no tears, breaks, cracks or holes. If any damage is discovered, please stop using the sling and contact us immediately.
e. Included in the rental cost is on-going support via telephone and email/message and access to the sling library sessions or one 15 minute video call.

3. Care of Slings
a. Under no circumstances is it permitted to smoke whilst wearing or holding the sling, or to use or store the sling in a smoky environment.
b. Do not wash the sling. Washing can shorten the life of the sling and risks damaging it (e.g. buckles may get broken). We wash all slings between hires. If you feel it is necessary to wash the sling, please contact us for advice and washing instructions.
c. We cannot guarantee that there are no marks or hairs on the slings we lend.
d. We cannot guarantee there are no animal hairs on the slings. Please keep the slings away from any animals to limit this possibility.
e. Please inform us if you have an allergy and we can take extra precautions before you borrow the sling.
f. Food and posset marks are expected when carrying children, but please keep the sling away from anything that may stain permanently (oil, paint, pens, suncream, hair or make-up products etc) or anything that might damage the sling (scissors, Velcro, keys in your bag, fire etc). You will be charged for the cost of damage beyond normal wear and tear.

4. Ownership of Slings
a. All slings, instructions and accessories remain the property of Chester Sling Library at all times and all loans and reservations are subject to availability and are at our discretion.

5. Payment and Deposit
a. Payment by debit or credit card is preferred, either online or contactless payment.
b. We do not ordinarily take a cash deposit for slings, however we do require card details from a valid debit or credit card.
c. Card details are stored securely in Stripe when you book via the Acuity booking system or pay an invoice.
d. If you cannot provide card details you will be charged a deposit of £40 per sling.
e. If we do not hear from you within 28 days from the end of your loan, we will consider the sling lost and charge your card the full retail value of the sling. We will endeavour to contact you by email and text message during this period.
f. Your card will be charged for the replacement of any lost accessories, such as accessory straps and infant inserts.
g. Charges for items damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be judged on a case by case basis.
h. You will be informed in writing (by email) 24 hours before your card is charged.

6. Length and Cost of Hire
a. The initial hire period is between one and four weeks.
b. Providing there is no waiting list, you may renew your hire for up to 3 months. If you wish to keep your sling longer you should return it so we can check for any damage and start a new hire.
c. If there is a waiting list for a particular sling, the maximum hire length is 4 weeks.
d. The standard weekly hire cost is £5 or £2.50 for members. Stretchy wrap hire is £5 for 4 weeks for babies under 6 weeks old.
e. When slings are hired by post, an additional charge of £3.95 will be made to cover postage to you.

7. Returning a Sling
a. Slings must be returned on or before the final date of hire.
b. You may return the sling to the Shrewsbury Arms during library sessions only (usually Mondays 11am-2pm).
c. For postal hires, returns should arrive within two days of the end of your hire period, to allow for second class postage. You are responsible for the cost of return postage. The sling is your responsibility until received by us, so you may wish to post by Special Delivery or another service which includes insurance for the full value of the sling (please check with us if you are unsure)
d. If agreed in advance, it is possible to drop the sling off in person at Lizzy’s house in Penymynydd. It must be dropped off at an agreed date and time, on or before the date it is due back.
e. If you decide to return a sling early, there is no entitlement to a refund for the unused hire period. However you are able to swap for another sling if you have at least a full week of the hire period remaining.

8. Late Returns
a. You must contact us before the end of the loan period if you think that you will not be able to return the sling on time.
b. For any days overdue that had not been agreed by us in advance, you will be charged a £1 per day late fee. These fees will be charged to your card.

9. Hire of Covers and Clothing
a. Hires of covers and clothing are subject to the same terms as those for slings.

10. Membership
a. You may join the sling library as a member for a lifetime fee of £25. This entitles you to 50% off hire fees