Stretchy Wrap Hire Scheme

Postal Stretchy Wrap Hire Scheme

White woman carrying a newborn baby in a navy blue stretchy wrapDuring the Coronavirus pandemic we are running a Postal Stretchy Wrap Hire Scheme to support families in the immediate postpartum period. Stretchy wraps are a wonderful introduction to carrying your baby in a sling and can be an important tool in the transition of bringing a new baby into your family. 

If you would like to access this scheme, please email so we can set up your hire today.


What’s Included

  • Hire of a stretchy wrap for 4 weeks.
  • Small group Zoom workshop to learn how to use it safely.
  • Ongoing online support by email and/or message.



There is a fee of £5 to cover postage of the wrap to you and administration costs. After the initial 4 week period you can continue to hire the wrap for our standard hire fees, or return it to us (you are responsible for the cost of return postage). 



The scheme is for local babies under 6 weeks old at the start of the hire period (or adjusted age for premature babies). If your baby is over 6 weeks old you can access the scheme at our standard hire rates.


Why Babies Under 6 Weeks?

Young babies need closeness to their caregiver – it helps them to build a strong and secure attachment, which is important for their long term wellbeing and resilience. By keeping our babies close, it enables us to care for them responsively and respond to their cues. Using a sling provides an ideal tool to do this. By offering the scheme to families with babies under 6 weeks old we hope to make slings more accessible so that more people can experience the benefits of carrying from the start.


Why Stretchy Wraps?

Stretchy wraps are suitable for almost all young babies, including those with lower birth weights, who don’t fit safely into other types of slings. They also fit a wide range of adult body shapes and sizes comfortably. Stretchy wraps mimic the close snuggly feeling of being in utero, which is calming for babies during the fourth trimester – their period of transition into the outside world.


Terms and Conditions

In addition to our standard Terms and Conditions, the following apply:

  • The scheme is available to families local to Chester – if you are close enough to attend sling library sessions at our usual venue, (Shrewsbury Arms, Mickle Trafford) you can access the scheme.
  • Your baby or babies should be under 6 weeks old at the start of the hire period.
  • You can return your stretchy wrap before the end of the four week period, but you will not receive any refund for time not used.
  • If you or your baby have any medical needs or there are special circumstances we need to be aware of, it is your responsibility to share this information. Any information will be treated confidentially.